• A notable splash of colour on your computer screen
  • A notable splash of colour on your computer screen
    Written by moongirl
    Tue Jan 29, 2008 6:56 am

    I collect Post-its! Strange? Not at all! When I'm travelling if I see them, I buy a pack of Post-its. They are small, extremely useful, come in varying sizes and colours and the best thing is when I unwrap them to use them, I am reminded by the varying languages of where I've been.

    Now, having shared that little piece of trivia, this is my first attempt at writing an article, and hopefully at the same time sharing one of my favourite downloads with you.

    Without a word of a lie, I wrote myself a Post-it note and attached it to my laptop, to remind me to have a look at a website that had grabbed my attention.
    StickyPad - virtual Post-its! I can now say the virtual notes far exceed the little hard copies I would once leave on my desk!
    This is a positive...StickyPad is an environmentally friendly product...although, there may be a very large carbon footprint that I have left behind in making the purchases overseas (this can haunt me after I finish this article!).

    Now to StickyPad
    StickyPad Version 2.2.50 is a free file for Windows and is available from Green Eclipse.com http://www.greeneclipse.com/stickypad.html

    StickyPad works on the following versions of Windows:
    Windows Vista
    Windows XP
    Windows 2000 *
    Windows Server 2003
    Windows 95/98/ME *
    Windows NT 4.0 SP6 *
    *Internet Explorer 5 or later is required for some applications.

    1. Download and install the setup file.
    2. WebSetup will complete the process.
    There was a bug that I encountered with the installation - this has since been fixed.

    Using StickyPad is easy. You have an icon in the tray with everything you need to know about using Sticky-notes.


    1. Create a note - speaks for itself. Once you have done this you are on your way.
    2. Show all - All your StickyPad notes are shown on the screen. Use the drop down menu to select
    time and date reminders. This can be linked to a sound file for the reminder (options).
    3. Options - this gives you "Sticky-note appearance options" of font and colour. "Eye candy" to further enhance your notes with translucency, shadow and animated menu.
    4. Menu short-cuts - keep short-cuts to four frequently used programs on the StickyPad menu.
    There are icons for the four chosen short-cuts. For example two that I use are Notepad and Calculator.
    5. Behaviour - you have options to tick or untick. For example "Automatically pin new sticky notes"- pinned notes are saved from closing with the x.
    If accidentally deleted, your StickyPad notes can be retrieved from the recycle bin.

    Unlike a "Post-it" where the size is pre-determined at time of purchase...StickyPad can be expanded as you go just by dragging the bottom corner down as you need it. I have one important Sticky-note that is half the size of my screen and I am still adding to it! I will need to highlight and drag it to Notepad soon.

    If the StickyPad notes are a nuisance on the screen just choose "Hide Note" in the drop down menu.
    You will get a message when you log-on reminding you where they are!
    Not that you will need reminding to use this very handy little application.
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