• Album review of Ready for Love by Tata Young
  • Album review of Ready for Love by Tata Young
    Written by battye
    Sat Oct 17, 2009 2:02 pm

    This is another one of those rare reviews by an Australian fan about Thai pop sensation Tata Young. "Ready for Love" is Tata Young's third English album, and has a distinctly different feel to her two previous English language efforts.

    "I Believe" was a true pop album while "Temperature Rising" took the best of the first album and coupled it with some rhythm and blues tracks. Besides the title track, "Ready for Love" features more of a dance and at times electronic feel than true pop. It is far too early to tell, but the style of the album indicates that the producers are playing it too safe with this record. "Ready for Love" has not yet been released in Australia or Europe and it seems like the management is trying to ease Tata into the respective markets than make an immediate splash. Is this the way to go? Only time will tell.

    As an Australian, I think it appears unlikely that this album will rank highly on the charts by virtue of the fact that it is not "different" to anything we would generally hear on the radio. Having said that I think there is potential for at least one single to do well here, which bodes well for the future.

    "My Bloody Valentine" just seems to be made for Australian radio, everything from the piano introduction to the soft yet catchy lyrics and rousing chorus (for a pop song) suggests that the top 40 radio stations will love this song. It feels like the sort of song that could easily stay on rotation for many weeks.

    "Ready for Love" is a very good track, and I appreciate it for its true pop roots. However, unlike "My Bloody Valentine" it doesn't feel like a track that would get continual airplay. Believe it or not, it might be feel too "bubble gum" by someone who is not an established artist.

    "Perfection" is the wildcard track. It took me some time to genuinely like it, but now that I do it is one of my favourite tracks. It was co-written by Leona Lewis which is a major coup as it should straight away give the song some recognition and credibility. It has a similar sort of style to "My Bloody Valentine", herein lies the catch 22. If "My Bloody Valentine" - which will no doubt be the first or second single released in Australia - performs well, it is likely that "Perfection" will too as audiences ask for more. If it does not though, "Perfection" might be unfairly overlooked.

    My feeling is that Tata Young's short-term success in Australia rests in the hands of one song, "My Bloody Valentine". As far as capturing the attention of the audience with a style of music they are already familiar with, this is the song that could do it. Time will tell.

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