• Album review: All The Lost Souls (James Blunt)
  • Album review: All The Lost Souls (James Blunt)
    Written by battye
    Sat May 03, 2008 3:42 am

    For an album that hit number one on the charts in Australia, Canada and the UK, not to mention Argentina, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland and Italy, you would be excused for thinking that this album wouldn't rate as one of James Blunt's success stories. In actual fact, All The Lost Souls doesn't nearly match the success of his debut album Back To Bedlam. To be fair, he had set the benchmark extremely high with that album, which was the top selling album in the UK in 2005 and the top selling album in the world in 2006.

    While Back To Bedlam had an abundance of hits, You're Beautiful, Wisemen and High to name a few, James Blunt's latest album hasn't yet had many individual standouts. His first single of the album, 1973, reached single figures of the charts in many countries, but not number one in Australia, UK or the US. His second single, Same Mistake, performed very poorly, peaking at 15 in Italy. It would be likely that Give Me Some Love and Annie will be the next singles to be released, and in all likelihood these two will perform much better than Same Mistake.

    It is not surprising that he has as many critics as fans - his style of pop and acoustic rock is not something that a typical hard rock listener - and there are a lot of them - would find themselves playing. Unless you are open to a variety of styles, including something with a slow beat and, dare I say, an "emotional" set of lyrics, it's probably not worth listening to any of James Blunt's works.

    If however, this is not the case, his songs will grow on you. On an initial hearing, you may feel indifferent - for me I had to listen to the album a couple of times to appreciate his pitch control, his good intstrumental backings and his catchy choruses. 1973 and Give Me Some Love are the standouts in this department.

    As I said early, it is not surprising that he has critics. He's gone in a different direction because he doesn't have the voice for rock. If you don't like his style, don't listen to his music. Because guess what, an artist that has gone 10 times platinum doesn't care how many blogs and forums you bag them on.

    Track listing:

    1. 1973
    2. One Of The Brightest Stars
    3. I'll Take Everything
    4. Same Mistake
    5. Carry You Home
    6. Give Me Some Love
    7. I Really Want You
    8. Shine On
    9. Annie
    10. I Can't Hear The Music
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