• Album review: Columbia by Every Last Word
  • Album review: Columbia by Every Last Word
    Written by battye
    Fri Jul 31, 2009 4:01 pm

    It's quite amazing that I even have this album let alone feel strongly enough to write a review about it. Every Last Word is about as close to hard rock as you will find in my iTunes library, and it took a chance encounter for me to discover them in the first place.

    Every Last Word is a little known band from Denver, Colorado - there is not even a Wikipedia page for the group. I did however find a Myspace page for them, and found that they disbanded in May 2008. Which is unfortunate, but maybe not unexpected as they were not at all mainstream and had I not discovered them by accident, I would never have heard about them.

    I discovered Every Last Word on the iTunes Store. I was searching for the United States naval song "Anchors Aweigh". Unknown of the exact spelling at the time, I searched for "Anchors Away" only to find a song of the same name by Every Last Word. After previewing the song and thinking to myself that it wasn't bad, I paid the AUD$1.69 for it and thought nothing more of it for quite some time. I later found the naval song by the Band of the Grenadier Guards & Rodney Bashford... as of today Every Last Word leads the play count race 115 to 58.

    Not a huge fan of buying complete albums off iTunes (Mazarin's "We're Already There" is the one exception, but I later purchased the hard copy in New York albeit if I was shocked to actually find it in a CD store), exploring the other songs by Every Last Word wasn't a top priority. But with "Anchors Away" slowly growing on me, I eventually decided to hit the internet to find the CD of the album "Anchors Away" came from; Columbia. Not long later, I received it in the mail.

    I will admit, Every Last Word aren't my favourite musicial act. The likes of The Killers and Fall Out Boy rank higher, and I (hopefully) could name the majority of their songs by listening to a few seconds. Not the case with Every Last Word, most of their songs sound very similar with a heavy drum beat (Ryan Gilbert), dominating lead guitar (Fred) and continuous bass (Chad Helter). Unlike most other hard rock bands (I use hard rock rather loosely, but in my context it is appropriate) their lead vocalist (Chris) doesn't scream and sings - dare I say it - audibly.

    Unable to rattle off my favourite songs from memory, the best run down I can give is through the power of statistics. Anchors Away is the standout song - I know that much without checking the "play count" column in iTunes - with 115 plays. The album cover has a small anchor in the bottom right hand corner, three small anchors on the reverse side with an imprint of a compass; obviously the band liked this song most as well. From there on it is fairly even, reinforcing the similarity of all of their songs. "Hearts Not Heads" has a grand total of 45 plays, followed by the interestingly named "KGlad21" and "Long Rides No Solutions" on 43 apiece. The remaining tracks have 42, 42 and 41 plays respectively.

    Overall, a decent album by Every Last Word. A quick look at the album suggests it was independently produced by 8 Houses Down Studios.I have no regrets about buying it, and even though I'm not really aware of their other work (I do know they had another album or EP called Double Murder Suicide though) I was a little saddened to hear that they disbanded. They never achieved the success that they deserved - I can't even find an album review of Columbia on the internet. They have one now.

    Track listing

    1. Scraping Bone Hitting Bottom
    2. Columbia
    3. Seven And Seven
    4. KGlad21
    5. Hearts Not Heads
    6. Anchors Away
    7. Long Rides No Solutions
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