• Another chapter in the WinMX story to begin September 23
  • Another chapter in the WinMX story to begin September 23
    Written by battye
    Tue Sep 23, 2008 5:17 am

    September 23 carries a great deal of meaning amongst users of the one market leading P2P software WinMX, as it was the day that the users reconnected to the network for the first time after program founders Frontcode Technology gave into pressure exerted on them by the music authorities, and pulled the plug.

    September 23 2005 saw the beginning of a new era, as we saw by multiple community efforts to - successfully - revive the WinMX peer network.

    September 23 2008 will also be the beginning of a new era, as the WinMX Community Patch is set to be released. The WinMX Community Patch is the latest solution to the problems facing the network and by all reports is a very stable product, offering improved blocking functionality to remove "fake file flooders" from the network, new peer caches and an assortment of new settings. It will be released at the strike of midnight between September 22 and September 23 (11:59 pm GMT on September 22 and 12:00 am GMT September 23).

    The patch, written by Italian programmer "Eagle", will be jointly supported by the major WinMX development groups WinMXWorld and Vladd44, despite not having always seen eye to eye. "One of the goals of the Community Patch effort was to make for the provision of tools and technical information amongst the community to ensure no single group or individual has the power to affect the network unilaterally", WinMXWorld administrator Tigger told ZeroPaid.com, "... The creator of the Community Patch is a third party programmer named "Eagle", who has done a fantastic job in creating and negotiating its use within the community and it is certain now after many discussions amongst the two major groups to bring the community together, healing a rift of some years".

    Some of the new major features include (for a full rundown of the features, please visit the Patch Information page at WinMXWorld.com):

    • WPN specific blocking as a built in feature to ensure your bandwidth is not used to flood other users of the network with.
    • Filtering system that ensures fake files placed on the network by flooders are not displayed so your time is not wasted.
    • Eagle, the patch author, is a trusted neutral person and has offered the same patch for all major WinMX communities to use.
    • Rapid connection times, with connections now taking only seconds
    • Universal plug and play compatibility allows for automatic router setups for routers supporting the UPNP system.
    • DLL patch preference system removed.

    For those interested in downloading the new patch, keep an eye on the News forum at WinMXWorld, no doubt it will be front page material when it goes live!

    Note: the patch, compatible with WinMX v3.53 and v3.54 is now available at http://patch.winmxconex.com/
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