• Answers to random questions on Yahoo Answers
  • Answers to random questions on Yahoo Answers
    Written by battye
    Sun Oct 10, 2010 9:00 am

    I had a bit of time, so I thought I'd look at some of the open questions on Yahoo Answers. In bold are the questions, with my answers below.

    I haven't posted these answers on Yahoo Answers, so they are exclusive to CricketMX.com. I've re-worded some of the questions as some of them had a shocking lack of punctuation and correct spelling.

    If there was one song you could bring to a party, what would it be?

    The first song that I thought of was Holy Grail by Hunters and Collectors. I listened to this song religiously in the lead up to the 2010 AFL Grand Final and it still pains me to think about it as St Kilda lost. But the song is supremely good, and has a bit of a backstory attached to it.

    Topics for a Powerpoint?

    If you get really stuck, perhaps a Powerpoint presentation could be based on answering random question on Yahoo Answers? For instance, how does one randomly select a question? How should one go about answering it? And so on.

    What type of career has these qualities? (I love to travel, I love entertaining and being on stage, I want to be with fashion, I like to be front and center)

    Note: the person asking this question says their father would not like them to become an actor or model.

    When I saw the question, I thought a fashion model was the obvious choice. But with the asker's fathers wishes in mind, I narrowed it down to two career paths:

    - Television Shopping Host: TV shopping hosts sell a large range of different products, and if TVSN Australia is anything to go by often that includes clothing items. This doesn't really cover the travel aspect though.
    - Join a travelling circus: People in the circus wear a lot of different clothes, so I think this ticks everything on the checklist!

    I need a slogan for Strontium? I need a slogan for strontium if I was selling it. Any ideas?

    "Strontium. Nothing says atomic number 38 like Strontium."

    What's another way of saying "we must take action"?

    "The time is now."

    How to download latest songs?

    iTunes is available in most countries, and most songs are available for around $1. An added benefit of iTunes is that it is compatible with iPhone's, iPod's and iPad's - so if you have any of those devices you can easily sync your entire music library.

    Does anyone know a trailer, or movie clip that has a boy around sixteen answering a teacher's question in a class with a serious atmosphere? It doesn't matter what he says. Any help is appreaciated, thanks.

    The first movie that comes to mind is Disturbia (from 2007), where Shia LeBeouf's character Kale has to answer a serious question. Approximately 6:38 into the film, the teacher asks Kale, 17 years old, to describe how he'll spend his summer months in Spanish. Watch out for the moment at 7:55 where Kale decks the teacher!

    Is FOX NEWS really as "fair and balanced" as they say it is.................?

    Fox News is the most watched cable news network in the USA and is generally perceived as a very right-wing news source. I'm not in the best position to comment on this as I don't watch Fox News very regularly, although it is available on Foxtel here in Australia, but from what I have seen of the network I feel they don't handle important international issues very well. For instance, the 2008 presidential election in Zimbabwe was hardly - if at all - covered on Fox News while CNN and - in particular - BBC World News treated it very seriously.

    Ideas for 20 min radio documentary?

    The question doesn't specify what sort of radio the documentary is intended for. If it was, say, broadcast radio then obviously you want to create something that will appeal to a wide audience. Perhaps something relevant to your local area, some current event for instance. If it was for something like internet radio, you can target a specific audience and attract attention to it by directing your publicity at that audience. And by that I mean if you created a documentary about a soccer team, then you could spread the word on message boards for that soccer team. By targeting a specific audience, you run less risk of being a small fish in a huge sea (ie. there may be thousands of general soccer documentaries, but very few about the Minnesota Stars soccer team).

    How would one convey their Nigerian accent through a keyboard?

    Slip in something about Western Union, 100 million dollars and a deceased prince. That should do the trick.

    Why isn't Australia included as a world leader and defender in movies, especially US movies?

    Australia's population is just over 20 million, which is insignificant in the scheme of things.

    Questions on the movie the breakfast club!?
    1) Why did Claire ask Brian to write the essay for everyone?
    2) How did the dynamic from the start to the finish of the film change? That's it!

    It's been a while since I've seen this movie, so bear with me if some of the details are a bit off.

    I'll answer the second question first because it leads into the first. The dynamic didn't really change - at the beginning of the movie, a group of very different people are put together. Generally in a movie with that sort of premise, you'd expect everyone to bond. And to some extent, they did as the movie progressed. If I recall, towards the end Brian asks whether they will ever talk again and the answer is ambiguous. I think you can take this to mean that once the group left, nothing had really changed. This is demonstrated when late in the movie Brian is the one who is asked to write the paper - despite showing a different side to his character by revealing the BB gun was in his locker - I think it was a BB gun - he was still perceived as someone who "should do that sort of thing".

    Which would you choose? For Halloween I want to be this awesome thing that's going to cost $180. I could either get the costume or get a different [less expensive] one and use the rest of the money for clothes. What would you do?

    Neither, invest the money. Depositing $180 now, not taking into account any further additions, at an interest rate of 7.41% compounded annually would see the initial investment grow to nearly $6,500 in 50 years time.

    So really, the question you should be asking yourself is do you want the Halloween costume now or a 4D Virtual Reality TV in 50 years?

    I think the answer is obvious.

    What time does "The Office" and "Community" air?

    Both comedies are aired on Thursday night on the NBC television network in the United States. The Office is at 9/8c while Community is at 8/7c. Both are half hour shows.

    In Australia, season 7 of The Office will - I'm guessing - air sometime in 2011 on the future Channel Eleven (the new digital station co-owned by the Ten Network and CBS). Community used to air on GO! (the digital station owned by the Nine Network) and I suspect season 2 will begin airing in late 2010.

    Who here watches Community on NBC?

    I watch Community, I think it is a fantastic comedy. Unfortunately its quality is not represented in its ratings - the season 1 episode "Modern Warfare" is probably the best half hour of television I have seen.

    Where's the nicest place on the internet, to go and hang out a bit?


    How do you trick a website into thinking you're in a different country?

    The cheap way is to access the site via a proxy server located in the country you want to appear from. The classy way is to physically go to that country, visit an internet cafe and access the desired website and later returning to your homeland.

    Weird new Google and YouTube logo? It has like a face in it... I have no idea what it is but I find it odd that both sites are doing it... why are they doing it?

    Today (the day of writing) would be the 70th birthday of John Lennon (from The Beatles). If you click the play button it will show a small clip featuring the song Imagine.

    As for both websites doing it, the clip is actually a YouTube clip. And Google owns YouTube, so a bit of synergy or vertical integration or <insert favourite corporate terminology> going on there.

    Who is first and last country in the world? Why?

    What a wonderfully ambiguous question. Afghanistan and Zimbabwe. Alphabetically.

    Is it considered "watching TV" if you doing it online and do not have a television (TV)?

    In the USA, I suspect not. Nielsen will soon (supposedly this year) roll out a new way of measuring viewers called TVandPC which will take into account online viewing. But for the time being, only traditional television viewing (and DVR use to a certain extent) is counted towards official ratings.
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