• Delta Goodrem has several outstanding songs
  • Delta Goodrem has several outstanding songs
    Written by battye
    Fri Jul 03, 2009 10:32 am

    It's taken six years for me to realise I should probably have an album of Delta Goodrem's. I like contemporary pop music, and Delta is surely Australia's number one female pop musician.

    There was recently a discussion on MacTalk.com.au, So, what's wrong The Killers?, where I listed Somebody Told Me, Mr. Brightside, Smile Like You Mean It, Read My Mind, Bones, When You Were Young, Tranquilize, Human, Spaceman as their outstanding songs. I was listening to Delta Goodrem on my iPod recently, and that thread got me thinking that she too has quite a few genuinely outstanding songs, which is impressive for her age - she is only 24.

    Her first album, Innocent Eyes, was released in March 2003 and its title track (Innocent Eyes) I think is Delta's best song to date and earns the position of outstanding track #1. The chorus, "Da da da da da da da da da da da da, Seems I'm lost in my reflection, Da da da da da da da da da da da da, Find a star for my direction, Da da da da da da da da da da da da, For the little girl inside who wont just hide, Don't let me see mistakes and lies, Let me keep my faith and innocent eyes", becomes proressively more powerful throughout the song and reaches a pinnicle at 1:42 and again at the key changes of 2:57 and 3:23.

    The song shows of Delta's allround ability, and not surprisingly Innocent Eyes (the song and the album) hit number one in Australia.

    Innocent Eyes was not the first single from the album though. The first release was Born To Try, released in September 2002, followed by Lost Without You in February 2003. While admittedly Born To Try is a very good song (it was also a number one single in Australia), I don't rate it as outstanding.

    Lost Without You, I do. It was a number one hit also - Delta eventually went on to have six successive number ones, five from the Innocent Eyes album and one from her next release. She became the first act to ever have five number one singles from a debut album in Australia. Being a number one aside, Lost Without Had song has all the makings of a megahit - a powerful chorus, a steady beat and wonderful vocals. I remember this being the song that originally got me interested in Delta's music.

    The final outstanding song on the Innocent Eyes album was Predictable which simply demonstrates Delta Goodrem's tremendous vocal abilities (3:13 and more impressively 3:29, which is hard to pull off, but is done very well - read: perfectly - here) and also her playing the piano which she has become well known for.

    Innocent Eyes (the album) stayed in number one position on the Australian album charts for 29 weeks, breaking John Farnham's record of 25 weeks with Whispering Jack. Not bad for a 18 year old, and she has "Neighbours" (television show) to thank for putting her in the public spotlight initially.

    After battling cancer, Delta released her second studio album, Mistaken Identity, in 2004. Having released a record breaking album in Innocent Eyes, it was tough to expect this second album to do as well. It still spawned a couple of number one singles, but in my eyes the only good song on this album was Out of the Blue, which I still wouldn't award outstanding status. Although it must have received considerable media coverage at the time, because I still remember (you know, useless knowledge!) that this song was written about Delta's relationship with tennis player Mark Philippoussis. Despite not having as much success in singles, Mistaken Identity reached number one on the Australian albums chart.

    In iTunes, I have seven Delta Goodrem songs. By order of play count (least to most), they are Out Of The Blue, Born To Try, Predictable, Believe Again, Lost Without You, Innocent Eyes, In This Life. So why was I hyping up Innocent Eyes so much when statistically In This Life ranks above it? I guess stats don't tell the full story here - I remember listening to Innocent Eyes and Lost Without You regularly in 2003 (in Winamp 2.x!!) when the songs just came out, probably more than I did In This Life when it first was released.

    Which brings me to the final song, In This Life. From her third album, Delta, which also reached number one, In This Life was the first single to be released. Of all of her outstanding songs, this one is probably the most upbeat and could almost be classified as a pop-rock song - there is still the piano that is Delta Goodrem's trademark, but In This Life features heavily bass and guitar.

    Believe Again was the second single from the album, but at 5:49 long and 50 seconds before the first words are sung, it is a little slow. It is a very good song, with the beat picking up at 1:22 and then for a second time at the chorus at 1:36 - but overall, it is just a notch below outstanding status.

    No doubt, Delta Goodrem's fourth studio album - set to be released in late 2009 - will also contain a few outstanding tracks. Since 2003, Delta has matured quickly and become one of Australia's favourite acts. She has a long career ahead of her and could easily become Australia's most successful musician of all time.

    Delta Goodrem's Outstanding Songs

    1. Innocent Eyes
    2. Lost Without You
    3. In This Life
    4. Predictable
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