• Finally an off switch for IE in Windows 7
  • Finally an off switch for IE in Windows 7
    Written by battye
    Sun Mar 08, 2009 4:02 am

    The new version of the Windows operating system - Windows 7 - will allow users to completely turn off features they do not want, Microsoft have confirmed. This means that you can give the likes of Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player the flick - permanently.

    The new feature (aptly called "Windows Features") will be accessible from the Programs and Features control panel. From a technical perspective Windows Features will give the system greater efficiency as the program data is not loaded at all by the operating system.

    It is an interesting move by Microsoft - one that people have wanted for an eternity. For instance, with the likes of Mozilla Firefox and Safari increasing their market share by the day it seems almost suicidal for Microsoft to allow users to completely disable Internet Explorer. Of course, the majority of IE's users are people who are simply happy to use the default - this could change should some distributors ship with IE disabled and another browser in its place.

    IE's market share is down to 67% while Safari and Firefox combined are on 30%. A far cry from just a few years ago when IE boasted between 90-95%.

    I'm certainly not complaining though, credit must be given to Microsoft for the initiative even if it has been a long time coming. Windows 7 is shaping up to be a very promising OS, unfortunately it still looks like it will be another year or so before it is released although some people have been tipping a mid-2009 release (which looks a bit ambitious at the moment).

    New features in Windows 7 will include advancements in touch/speech/handwriting recognition technology, improved graphics and performance on multi core processors and an overhaul of the Control panel. Visually the most significant change from Windows Vista is the replacement of the quick launch bar with pinned applications in the taskbar.
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