• How the formation of The Young Veins benefits Panic At The Disco
  • How the formation of The Young Veins benefits Panic At The Disco
    Written by battye
    Thu Mar 17, 2011 4:42 pm

    It was incredibly hard to create a title to summarise this article. I like The Young Veins a lot and I didn't want to imply that the depatures of Ryan Ross and Jon Walker automatically made Panic! At The Disco, hot on the heels of their new album "Vices & Virtues" a better band.

    The Young Veins, formed by Ross and Walker after leaving Panic! At The Disco, are a 1960's style band whose sound is very authentic and convincing. Their album "Take A Vacation!" is at most times reminiscent of British rock bands of the era; clearly The Beatles, The Kinks and The Zombies were strong inspiration for the direction of The Young Veins.

    The title track "Take A Vacation!" along with the re-recording of "When You Walk In The Room" show the raw talent of the band, while the experimentation with time signatures including a chorus in 3/4 in "Lie To The Truth" shows a sense of courageousness no doubt stemming from Panic At The Disco's foray into different music styles such as baroque and carnivale.

    Panic! At The Disco's new album "Vices & Virtues" was released today (March 17) in Australia and having now listened to the full album, with all due respect to the Ross and Walker, I do think Panic! At The Disco have finally hit their stride. I'll stop short of saying they've hit their full potential, and while it's too early to say whether it'll spawn more hits "Vices & Virtues" has fewer misses than "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out" and "Pretty. Odd.". The band, now featuring Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith, has a more mature feel about them now. Since releasing "New Perspective" for the soundtrack of the 2009 horror film "Jennifer's Body" (starring Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried) Panic! At The Disco have transitioned into a more traditional mainstream or pop rock sounding band. They haven't fully done away with their alternative rock roots - the baroque style reliance on percussion, in particular the xylophone, is still present but less so than in the past.

    MTV mentioned that the bands new direction felt like a tribute of The Killers upon hearing the strikingly upbeat and fast paced "Memories". It's not something that I picked up on straight away, but the resemblance is there and as a Killers fan I only see this as something positive. It could be said that Panic! At The Disco in 2011 has a sound composed of elements of The Killers, OneRepublic and the Panic! At The Disco of old.

    The leading track and first single, "The Ballad of Mona Lisa", is surely as muscically impressive as its predecessors "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" and "Nine In The Afternoon" although it appears it won't have the same chart success - but if the album performs well, which depends largely on how the public will embrace the newly styled band, this could change.

    "Ready To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind)" is set to be the second single, due for release in April, and it seems like a solid track but the true hit in my opinion (irrespective of whether it will chart or not) is "Memories" as mentioned above. I've only listened to the song half a dozen times, but already I think the chorus is the most memorable and impressive I've heard since "Spaceman" by The Killers in 2008.

    MTV reported in 2009 that the split in Panic! At The Disco was a result of Brendon Urie wanting a more polished pop sound while Ryan Ross was more interested in the retro-rock style - and in a way these opposing forces are evident in "Pretty. Odd.". I typically like mainstream pop rock sounding songs, so I think the band has benefited now that Urie's choice of direction has prevailed.

    Additionally, The Young Veins "Take A Vacation!" shows that Ryan Ross and Jon Walker both achieved what they wanted musically as well.

    Other fans of Panic! At The Disco's first two albums might disagree, but since the split I see a good band has developed into a very good band and as a byproduct of this another good band has formed. The cover notes of "Vices & Virtues" have thank you's for both Ross and Walker which hopefully means there is no animosity between the original band members of Panic! At The Disco.

    Track listing for "Take A Vacation!" by The Young Veins
    1. Change
    2. Take A Vacation!
    3. Cape Town
    4. Maybe I Will, Maybe I Won't
    5. Young Veins (Die Tonight)
    6. Everyone But You
    7. The Other Girl
    8. Dangerous Blues
    9. Defiance
    10. Lie To The Truth
    11. Heart Of Mine
    12. Security
    13. When You Walk In The Room

    Track listing for "Vices & Virtues" by Panic! At The Disco
    1. The Ballad Of Mona Lisa
    2. Let's Kill Tonight
    3. Hurricane
    4. Memories
    5. Trade Mistakes
    6. Ready To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind)
    7. Always
    8. The Calendar
    9. Sarah Smiles
    10. Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met...)
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