• How to get your hands on a KFC Double Down if you do not live in the United States
  • How to get your hands on a KFC Double Down if you do not live in the United States
    Written by battye
    Mon May 31, 2010 3:46 pm

    KFC's sandwich-without-bread, the "Double Down", may be the biggest revolution to hit food since (ironically) sliced bread.

    We've all seen the commercial (if you are one of the uninitiated, you can see it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9L1Fhbb8Av0), we all want the Double Down experience.

    If you live in the USA, and you want a Double Down, you're probably a short drive away from your nearest KFC. But if you are a KFC fanatic, you still may find this article interesting. For the unfortunate souls (like me) who don't live in the greatest country on earth, we have to improvise.

    Thanks to my hard work, there is no guesswork required. I'm going to tell you right now exactly how to make an authentic KFC Double Down. CricketMX.com breaks new ground today, as we enter "recipe website" territory.

    Authentic KFC Double Down

    Ingredients: 2 x KFC fillets, 2 x Kraft Singles, 2 x slices of bacon, Chipotle powder, Mayonnaise.

    STEP 1. Go to KFC and buy 2 hot and spicy fillets. Depending on region, it may called a fillet, zinger or something else. If unsure, ask for two pieces of boneless chicken breast. It is important that the two pieces you get are boneless, because this is the meat that will replace the bread. (approximately AUD$7.50)

    Ideally you will be buying the fillets immediately prior to making the Double Down. I imagine if you froze the chicken once you returned, once it is re-heated it wouldn't taste as authentic.

    STEP 2. Put the 2 fillets into the griller for 5 minutes to reheat, turning them over at the 2.5 minute mark.

    By grilling instead of microwaving, you are ensuring that the authentic crispy taste is maintained.

    STEP 3. While the chicken is being grilled, put 2 slices of bacon into a frying pan and cook until crispy.

    You will want the bacon to appear as crispy as it does in the Double Down commercial for the authentic Double Down experience.

    STEP 4. Once you have grilled the chicken, turn the griller off and place 1 Kraft Single (or any equivalent plastic cheese) on top of each fillet.

    The heat off the chicken will ensure the cheese melts in an authentic manner.

    STEP 5. While you are waiting for the cheese to melt and the bacon to get crispy, use the opportunity to make the sauce. Pour some mayonnaise into a small dish, and then put a quarter of a teaspoon (or thereabouts, the more you put the spicier it will be) of chipotle powder and mix the two. You only need to make enough to put on your Double Down.

    Chipotle is a very rare but authentic chili pepper which can be found in most American supermarkets.

    STEP 6. After a minute or so, remove the fillets (with cheese melted) from the griller and put them on to a plate. It is now time to compile your Double Down. By this point the bacon should be crisp, so put one strip of bacon on each fillet. Then using a knife spread your chipotle/mayo sauce over the bacon. Then put one fillet on top of the other.

    Using non-stick baking paper you can make an authentic wrapping for your Double Down!


    In summary, the KFC Double Down tastes fantastic. I was excited about tasting it, but a little sceptical that it wouldn't live up to the extreme hype I had given it. However, I can safely say it exceeded it.

    All up, to make a homemade KFC Double Down will set you back somewhere in the region of AUD$8.60 (USD$7.25) ... all approximations in Australian dollars... $7.50 for the two fillets, $0.50 for 2 slices of cheese, negligible costs for the mayo and chipotle assuming you already have them, $0.60 for the 2 bacon slices. So heart-attack risks aside, it's still not suitable for daily consumpion due to the impact it will have on your hip pocket. As Elmo would say, it's a "sometimes food".


    KFC Double Down: top view

    KFC Double Down: side view

    KFC Double Down in its authentic wrapping

    The Double Down when it was half eaten

    The ingredients for the sauce.
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