• How to resize a picture using MS Paint
  • How to resize a picture using MS Paint
    Written by battye
    Tue Jul 07, 2009 10:10 am

    There are many times when you might need to resize an image. You might want to make a photo smaller to send in an email, or resize an image to use as an avatar or signature on a forum. This article explains how you can do exactly that using only the "Paint" program, which comes pre-installed on Windows machines.

    Firstly, find the image you want to resize. If it is on the internet, the easiest way to resize it is to first download it to your computer. To download an image to your computer from the internet, you must first go to the website and find the image. Then, right click the image and select "Save Image As...".

    In this example, I will download a picture of Australian spin bowler Nathan Hauritz:


    It is easiest to download to your Desktop for quick access. After you click "Save Image As..." you will get a box asking where you want to save the image to. Find your Desktop, and then click "Save".

    Having done this, you need to open the Paint application. Do this by clicking the Start menu, then All Programs, then Accessories, and finally "Paint".


    Once Paint is open, in the top left click "File", then "Open". Find your desktop, and then double click the photo which you just saved. Double clicking the image will open it in Paint, ready for you to edit.

    Once it is open, it should look something like this (this screenshot was taken from Windows XP, it may look slightly different in Windows Vista):


    You can resize the image in two ways: manually or automatically.

    Manually resize

    This requires precise mouse skills, as you will be dragging the corners of the image with your mouse to achieve the desired dimensions. In order to do this, click the "Select" button on the left hand side of Paint.

    It is this button (upper right): Image

    Once the "Select" button is selected, left click somewhere once inside the image, and then press Control+A on your keyboard (hold down the Ctrl button, and while still holding it down, press A). This will select the entire image, and you will know once it is selected as a dotted line will appear around the perimeter of the image.

    Now move your mouse to the bottom right of the image, and stop once you see a double sided arrow appear.


    Once you see this arrow, left click and hold the button down, and mvoe yoru mouse in an upwards/left direction. This will resize the image - you will see a grey line appear to show what the new size would be.


    Let go of the left mouse button once you have reached the desired size. Once you let go it will look like this:


    Automatically resize

    This method is best if you know roughly how much you want to resize the image before hand.

    Click the "Select" button, click inside the image once and then press Ctrl+A to highlight the image. (for more detail on this step, read the opening two paragraphs of the "Manually" technique.

    Once the image is highlighted, select and click the "Image" menu, and then click "Stretch/Skew".


    You will then see this menu appear:


    In the horizontal and vertical boxes under "Stretch", enter the how large you want the image to be. For example, if you want it to be half the size you would enter "50" into each box. If you wanted it to be a quarter of the size you would enter "25" into each box. (Note: if you are interested, the "Skew" section is used to give the image a slant, to make it appear on a certain angle)

    Once ready, click the "OK" button. The image will now have been resized, but you will need to remove the excess white space that you can still see.

    The final step - removing the white space

    Now, to remove all of that extra white space, "click off" the image (ie. click once somewhere in all of that extra grey area). Then move your mouse to the bottom right, and hover over the blue dot.


    Once the resize double sided arrow appears, click and drag upwards/left until the grey line matches the dimensions of the image. Once it does, let go of the mouse button and the white space will be removed.

    Now, go to the "File" menu and click "Save" and the image will be saved. It is now ready to be uploaded to a site like imageshack.us or be sent in an email.

    Wait! What if I want to make an image bigger?

    You do the steps above slightly reversed. First, see "The final step" but instead of clicking and dragging "upwards/left", drag downwards and to the right. This will create more space so you can make an image larger.

    Then you can use either the manual method (dragging the image to make it larger) or the automatic method (ie. entering 200 into the horizontal and vertical fields to make the image double the current size) to resize it.

    Once satisfied, save the file by click "File" menu and then "Save". It is now ready to distribute!
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