• How to revert back to the classic iTunes icon
  • How to revert back to the classic iTunes icon
    Written by battye
    Thu Sep 02, 2010 1:19 pm

    The arrival of iTunes 10 has brought with it a brand new iTunes logo. The general general feeling about iTunes 10 - so far - has been fairly negative. Why is it in black and white now? Why are the close and minimise buttons now shown vertically? What is the point of Ping? What is with the unimaginative new logo?

    Well, I can't fix all of those problems for you - but I can fix one. I understand why they have replaced the iTunes icon, after all a picture of a CD isn't entirely in sync with Apples business plan. They want you to forget about CD's and buy through the iTunes store! Regardless, the new icon seems pretty dull and it is a shame they couldn't have put something better together. As things stand right now, the old iTunes icon is far superior and I will explain how you can get it back.


    This tutorial is for Mac users.

    Step 1: In Finder, open the Applications folder. Look for "iTunes.app" (or maybe "iTunes" by itself) and then Ctrl+Click it to bring up a menu. Choose "Get Info" from the menu.

    Step 2: Open Safari and go to http://images.google.com - search for "iTunes icon" and find the icon that you are looking for. A good idea is to look for a .png icon as generally they will have transparent backgrounds.

    Step 3: Once you have found the right icon, copy it to clipboard by right clicking it and choosing "Copy image".

    Step 4: In the top left corner of the "Get Info" window you opened in Step 1 you will see the iTunes 10 logo. Click it once, and it should have a faint blue outline around it. Now on your keyboard, hold down "Command+V". This will paste the traditional icon, overwriting the "new" iTunes 10 icon.

    Step 5: Reboot the computer for the change to take effect.

    Step 6: In case it is still displaying the incorrect icon in the Mac dock, right click the iTunes button in the dock and choose "Remove from Dock". Then open the Applications window in Finder again, and drag "iTunes.app" into the dock.

    That's it! Now you will have the good old iTunes logo back where it should be.

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