• iPod Nano gets a video camera
  • iPod Nano gets a video camera
    Written by battye
    Sat Sep 12, 2009 1:45 pm

    Apple's yearly music event was held on September 9th, marking the third last time this century when we can claim a date like 09-09-09. But it looks like Apple is running out of ideas, with some relatively mundane changes to the iPod product line after a couple of years which saw fantastic innovations such as the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    The iPod Nano has now got a video camera. A camera has been a logical addition for quite some time, although strangely it only takes video and not still shots. The addition of an FM radio is a worrying sign, as it it is essentially raising a flag with "we have run out of ideas" printed on it. For a long time, Apple have made a conscious effort to leave a radio out of the device - probably because radio reception cannot be guaranteed, so in certain places you would just hear static, therefore hurting Apple's reputation of perfection at all costs.

    Not that the addition of a radio is a bad thing, it isn't. I have the radio extension to my iPod Video from several years ago, and it was handy to have - so having it on the device will make life easier for iPod Nano users. Even though AM would be handier, because in Australia traditionally sports and talkback is on AM, and music - which I would have on my iPod anyway - is on FM... but that is a completely different story.

    So while it is not a bad thing, it is still worrying for the reasons I mentioned earlier. In fairness, there is only so far you can go with an MP3 player. The Nano also received a larger screen, now clocking in at 2.2 inches.

    There were virtually no changes to the other iPod models. The new buttonless iPod Shuffle, which still doesn't appeal to me, now comes with 2GB and 4GB of storage. At $79 (Australian) the 2GB Shuffle does offer pretty good value for price and it will get cheaper over time. The iPod Classic - the last model to have a harddrive - has had its storage capacity upped to 160 GB. If nothing else, it would solve my problems of choosing which TV shows to transfer across! The iPod Touch has been severely neglected, missing out on the camera and the radio, but it does come with better CPU and graphics chips. Strangely though, the wireless chip inside the iPod Touch is capable of receiving FM signals, but no antenna has been included and the software has not been written to support it.

    The music event also saw the return of Steve Jobs much to the delight of Apple fans around the world. iPhone OS 3.1 was announced, although with only relatively minor updates including changes to Genius and being able to download ringtones over the 3G. iTunes version 9 was released. In keeping with the rest of the event, there was no huge revelation, just some small changes such as full album details to make your albums look like an LP and library sharing to up to five computers. One new feature which will please iPhone and iPod Touch users with many pages of Apps however, is the ability to sort and organise the App locations from within iTunes, which will save time from moving them around on the actual device.

    So that covers this years music event. No huge news to come out of it, but still enough to keep iPod users happy.
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