• Matt LeBlanc will return to TV in Episodes on Showtime
  • Matt LeBlanc will return to TV in Episodes on Showtime
    Written by battye
    Sun Jan 17, 2010 7:32 am

    Flicking through the vast wasteland of rubbish on Foxtel (Australian Pay TV) it was by chance I saw Matt LeBlanc on the E! channel in a preview of an upcoming sitcom. A bit of extra research, and I discovered that U.S. cable network "Showtime" - possibly in association with BBC, if IMDB is to be believed - has ordered 6 episodes of the new single camera sitcom "Episodes". The show, starring Matt LeBlanc (of Friends fame) is expected to air in fall 2010.

    Check out the trailer at http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2010/01/ ... ay-himself /- the preview looks hilarious as the show does a satirical take on the television industry. The program is about a couple from the U.K. who plan to adapt their own hit television series for American audiences. The catch? The American adaptation is very crumby, so they want to hire someone to play the character of Matt LeBlanc. The other catch? Matt LeBlanc has to audition to play himself - the fact that he is in the show is the punchline. Even more worrying for him, there are "Matt LeBlanc" look-alikes waiting to audition (naturally they are rehearsing his trademark "How you doin'?") and the show-runners think they can do better than the real Matt LeBlanc.

    David Krane, an executive producer on Friends, is executive producer for Episodes along with Jeffrey Klarik and Jimmy Mulville.

    Unfortunately, not much else information has been released about the show yet. This will be Matt LeBlanc's first step back into television since his ill-fated sitcom "Joey", a spinoff of Friends that aired for 2 seasons between 2004 and 2006 on NBC. There was some concern that playing the role of Joey Tribbiani for 12 years might have typecast him in that role - so it will be interesting to see how Episodes plays out and whether it expels that belief.

    Being on the cable platform, I expect this show to be edgier than its broadcast counterparts. Overall, the trailer for this sitcom looks fantastic and the premise has a lot of promise.
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