• Paul Anka biography
  • Paul Anka biography
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    Sat Nov 21, 2009 7:23 am

    Paul was born in Ottawa, Canada on July 30, 1941, the first of three children to Andrew and Camelia Anka, hard working owners of the La Conda Restaurant. By age 11 Paul was performing professionally, primarily doing impressions of popular singers of the day, like Johnnie Ray.
    After working with a singing group in high school called the Bobby Soxers Paul sought fame in California where his uncle worked as an actor.

    Having just written a song called "Don't Gamble With Love", he then penned "Blau-Wile-Deveest-Fountaine" based on a place name in a book he had studied. With accompaniment from vocal harmony group The Cadets the song was released on Modern Records coupled with "I Confess". The young Anka had found his start.

    Inspired by his affection for 18 year old Diana Ayoub a family friend, then 3 years older than Paul, he wrote "Diana". He moved to New York City, staying for a short period with fellow Canadians The Rover Boys, a group consisting of Bill Albert, Al Osten, Doug Wells, and Larry Amato who the previous year (1956) had two hit records with "Graduation Day" and "From A School Ring To A wedding Ring" on ABC-Paramount Records. It was this label association that soon saw Anka signed by producer Don Costa. ABC released "Diana" with his earlier composition "Don't Gamble With Love" to immediate success in mid 1957. By the end of 1961 he had amassed a further 24 hit records and between 1962 and 1969 another dozen for RCA Victor. Further hits followed on Buddah, Fame, United Artists and Columbia.

    An accomplished live perfomerand movie and tv actor, Anka is a sound businessman and a songwriter who has written over 250 songs including 4 movie themes and the theme for the "Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson". He provided hits for himself and others including Buddy Holly, Tom Jones and Frank Sinatra. The first Canadian solo artsist to have a million selling record, Paul Anka is a giant in the entertainment industry.
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