• Tata Young performance at the One Movement festival in Perth
  • Tata Young performance at the One Movement festival in Perth
    Written by battye
    Sat Oct 17, 2009 2:01 pm

    Tata Young made her debut performance in Australia tonight at the One Movement music festival on the Esplanade in Perth, Western Australia.

    I have recorded several of the songs live and uploaded them to YouTube, you can find the links throughout the article.

    Her set included Dhoom Dhoom, Ready For Love, My Bloody Valentine, I Think Of You, I Believe, I Need The Both Of You (Thai) and Mission Is You.

    She did not lip-sync, although she did have a backing track instead of a live band which is always a bit of a let down. None-the-less, she didn't try and change her songs too much. Unneccessary key changes are a pet hate of mine, fortunately Tata left most of the vocal theatrics for down time during the instrumental breaks.

    A large crowd - including a contingient of diehard Thai fans who look to have made the trip to Australia! - gathered in front of Tata Young before she started. The crowd grew once she got stuck into Dhoom Dhoom, which was a welcome relief after three quarters of an hour of distorted rock from the other stages.

    DHOOM DHOOM LIVE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9K8J0p_pjY

    Tata's dancers were borrowed from the circus being held in a park nearby.

    MY BLOODY VALENTINE LIVE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KHubEe70_s

    Ready For Love and My Bloody Valentine were received well. The Australians in particular enjoyed My Bloody Valentine - although not intended in the song name, "bloody" is a commonly used term in Australian slang. In the biggest indication yet that my prediction was correct of My Bloody Valentine being the first released single in Australia, Tata went to great lengths to say of the song "in Australia you will be hearing this soon".

    I BELIEVE LIVE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkCxUiX-Ix0

    I Think Of You was dedicated to Tata's late mother, and being the first true ballad of the night was received warmly. Audiences were treated to a blast from the past with I Believe - which most Australians won't have heard before - followed by the Thai song I Need The Both Of You. This was perhaps a poor choice, as there were quite a few that left once she started singing in Thai. It was a nice touch for the Thai people that followed her to Australia, but in Perth where English is the official and most widely language, it might have been better left unsung or at least saved until the end, as the people that left would not have returned to see Mission Is You which was an energetic end to the set.

    Tata Young looked really good on stage, and the crowd appreciated her. Her set was more lively than the rock acts and more interactive than Sarah Blasko who followed.

    At the CD stand, there was a lot of interest in the "Ready For Love" album. It is not yet released in Australia, and at $20 I made sure to get my copy of it - one of the few occasions where Tata Young's "unknownism" in Australia is a positive! By comparison, Kate Miller-Heidke's album "Curiouser" - fairly well known in Australia - was selling for $25.

    So overall, a very good set from Tata Young. I saw quite a few different acts, including Fefe Dobson from Canada, Tigarah from Japan (who the fans were crazy about), Electrico from Singapore, and the Australian Sarah Blasko. I may be slightly biased, but I do genuinely think Tata Young was the standout of the acts I saw.

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