• Ten reasons to love 30 Rock
  • Ten reasons to love 30 Rock
    Written by battye
    Fri Jan 30, 2009 2:39 pm

    It's my favourite show on television, and it is finally starting to get the increase in ratings it deserves. It's one of those shows, if you like it then you really like it but if you don't like it then you haven't seen it.

    To quickly get you up to speed; 30 Rock is a half hour comedy airing Thursday nights on NBC starring Tina Fey (as Liz Lemon), Tracy Morgan (as Tracy Jordan), Jane Krakowski and Alec Baldwin (as Jack Donaghy) that is set around a fictional NBC comedy "TGS with Tracy Jordan". Formerly "The Girlie Show" before new boss Jack Donaghy insisted that show creator Liz Lemon hire the unpredactable Tracy Jordan, the show is a satirical poke at network television. 30 Rock also follows the lives of Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy in the different situations life throws at them, like high school reunions, golf, and dealing with suspected terrorists that aren't really terrorists at all.

    Anyway, the top ten reasons why 30 Rock is so good in no particular order:

    1. Tina Fey
    America's sweetheart. If she didn't capture you during her SNL tenure then she would have during her recent cameos as Sarah Palin. Tina Fey has never done anything wrong, 30 Rock is no exception. Come to think of it, Tina Fey is the number 1 reason to watch 30 Rock!

    2. Alec Baldwin
    Enough said, he is a comedic genius. His timing and delivery, without exception, is perfect. The chemistry between his character and Liz Lemon works well.

    3. No laugh track
    It would have completely ruined the show to use a laugh track; although there is humour for everyone, a lot of the humour is quick and clever - I can find myself watching re-runs and picking up new jokes. Luckily, it is also the type of show that you can fall into the habit of watching re-runs of - which can only be a good thing.

    4. It's set in New York
    Greatest city in the world. All the best comedies are set in NYC; it is in good company with fellow NBC comedies Seinfeld and Friends.

    5. Guest stars
    It is possible that 30 Rock does overdo it with guest stars, occasionally there is a feeling that too much is trying to be crammed into one episode. S03E07 "Senor Macho Solo" with Selma Hayek fell into this trap. But on the flip side, some of 30 Rock's best moments have been as a result of the guest stars. The recurring parts of Dr. Spaceman (played by Chris Parnell) is something that every fan looks forward to, while appearances by Jerry Seinfeld, Conan O'Brien, David Schwimmer, Matthew Broderick, Will Arnett, Oprah Winfrey... you get the picture... were very well done. In the future we can look forward to appearances by Jon Hamm and (maybe) Meryl Streep.

    6. The awards
    30 Rock has won 17 awards and been nominated for countless awards. The entire list is at IMDb.com. The show is critically acclaimed, and while its ratings are on the rise it still deserves much better.

    7. The spoofs
    I like the use of satire in 30 Rock. I'm sure a lot of people pick up on the little things, but there would also be a lot that don't. Examples are the "Tracy Jordan Meat Machine" which so perfectly mock the informericals on TV right down the fake audience's body language, "MILF Island" the strange remake of Survivor which is pretty self explanitory, Jack Donaghy's "product integration" video and pretty much anything else "corporate America" related.

    8. The 30 Rock staff
    Everyone at the show has a solid comedy background, Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan and John Lutz from SNL, Alec Baldwin (enough said), Scott Adsit and Jack McBrayer were both at The Second City as was writer Kay Cannon. Even producer and music composer (and husband of Tina Fey) Jeff Richmond has worked at SNL and Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

    9. Signed for a 4th season
    Barring any external intervention like the writers guild strike which cut short the second season to just 15 episodes, 30 Rock is going to have a full run in the 2009-10 season in addition to the remaining dozen or so episodes to be aired in the ongoing season 3.

    10. Product integration
    Product integortion... ahem, product integration deserves a heading of its own. While poking fun at the concept, half of the fun is that 30 Rock goes against its stated beliefs and adverises the likes of Snapple, Bee Movie, the iPhone and the iMac anyway. It's fun to see how many logos you can spot in any given episode.


    So if you live in the US and haven't yet seen 30 Rock, check it out Thursday night on NBC at 9:30 or 8:30 central. US users can also watch episodes online at the NBC website, overseas viewers will have to check their local programming (or hit the torrents, where they are available in a variety of formats for viewing, including iPod/iPhone file types).
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