• The unintended benefits of online sports streaming
  • The unintended benefits of online sports streaming
    Written by battye
    Sat May 25, 2019 4:19 am

    I first heard about Mazarin in 2007.

    I was watching a cricket broadcast online. Before YouTube had live streaming capabilities and before the likes of Sony LIV dumped games without broadcast partners on to their streaming platform, the only way to watch cricket online was painfully.

    It involved painstaking amounts of Google searches, things like "zimbabwe bangladesh live streaming odi". Sifting through endless amounts of rubbish until finally, a dodgy site with a strange flash player would show a grainy live video of a game. Not in high definition, naturally. Barely standard definition, blown up from something the size of a postage stamp.

    It's the sort of thing that the television stations would be dead against, often a stream would disappear mid-way through the game.

    I understand why.

    Last decade, if a cricket match was being broadcast on TV, they naturally wanted you to subscribe to their service and watch it on TV. However, for me in Australia - where nobody picked up the rights to obscure cricket matches - the choice was either find it in the online backwaters or don't watch it. So I appreciate Sony's modern take of just putting it out there for free, for those outside their subscription regions. It's a common sense approach.

    Whether you are paying for the subscription or not, advertising is still advertising though so a free stream isn't truly free.

    I remember seeing an advertisement for Puma with the song "For Energy Infinite" being played. I really liked it, so I was quick to buy the entire album off iTunes. I was also fortunate enough to buy a hard copy of the album when I saw it in New York a year later.

    For the band Mazarin, they effectively received two album purchases from me - all because their song was playing in the background of an advertisement during the coverage of a cricket match which I shouldn't have been streaming online.

    It's not the first time Mazarin found themselves in the position of being in the right place at the right time.

    The band has long since disbanded, but as their drummer Quentin Stoltzfus recounted to CricketMX.com, it was fortuitous that their song was even in the Puma commercial in the first place.

    "The music director for the Puma ad ran into our manager, Morgan Lebus, at a party in NYC and told him he was doing this commercial for Puma and was still searching for the right song", Stoltzfus said.

    "The next day Morgan sent him 'For Energy Infinite', and apparently it was exactly what he was looking for. I think he selected it immediately".

    You can listen to the full album "We're Already There", of which "For Energy Infinite" was the lead single, on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3pzcuKS6OcaJxnQ3dgmDbn
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