• Why Tata Young should be grateful for P2P file sharing (Part 1)
  • Why Tata Young should be grateful for P2P file sharing (Part 1)
    Written by battye
    Thu Feb 07, 2008 7:51 am

    On one of my trips to Asia in early 2007 I discovered Thai pop sensation, Tata Young. Perhaps it should be the Rupert Murdoch owned TV station, Star World, that she should be grateful to, for without their promo featuring her song "Come Rain Come Shine", I would be none the wiser as to her existance.

    From a Thai mother and American father, she has had a lot of success locally, but more recently she has been entered the international scene, with two English albums, "I Believe" in 2004 and "Temperature Rising" in 2006. Tata Young's next album, "One Love" will be in stores on March 6th, 2008. Her first single from the album, "One Love" will be released February 14th.

    It wasn't until I returned to Australia and actually did a Google search for the catchy lyrics "bring in the rain, bring in the shine" that I found out the song title and artist. I managed to find the video clip on YouTube, but if I was to get the song on to my iPod, I would need to turn to the world of P2P. BitTorrent, to be more precise.

    After downloading the complete "Temperature Rising" album, albeit if initially only for the song "Come Rain Come Shine", I was thoroughly impressed with what I heard.

    After playing the album a couple of times, I was overcome with a strange feeling. For anyone who has seen any of her video clips, it was not that feeling (this time!)... it was guilt. I felt like I was ripping her off for not purchasing the album. I had entered a class of people who consider P2P as a sort of "try before you buy" service.

    Anyway, it wasn't a problem. I would simply go to the nearest CD store and buy "Temperature Rising", right? Easier said than done, Tata Young may be a chart topper in Asia, but as far as the Australian music scene was concerned, she was unheard of.

    Okay, so I can't buy the CD. She can still get the royalties she deserves if I purchase the album through iTunes.

    Again, I had no luck. Only one result for her name, but not from the album I was seeking (I still bought the one song, "Dhoom Dhoom" regardless).

    I tried. It's not my fault that her recording company (Sony BMG, incidentally) won't get her records into overseas markets.

    Fast forward six months, and I'm in Asia again. With the sense of guilt still there, I walk into the first HMV store I pass and, finally, I'm able to purchase the album. I would have purchased her first English album, "I Believe", as well, had any of the stores I'd looked in stocked it. I kept an eye out for that too, well aware that I was probably a few years behind the eight ball. I managed to find and purchase this on the internet.

    If it wasn't for file sharing, I wouldn't have obtained any of Tata Young's songs, and in the end, she would have missed out on a sale (and potentially more in the future). I am not alone, many other people use P2P as a method of trialing music before dishing out their hard earned for a copy... however, I doubt many others have had to travel 7000km to do so...
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