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    By battye

    battye has been a member of the phpBB Teams since February 2006, spending time on both the Support Team and the MOD Team. View his phpBB3 article which was published on SitePoint.com in January 2008!

    phpBB was created in 2000 by James Atkinson, known as theFinn around the phpBB.com forum, as a UBB like forum solution for his wife. Through 2001, there were several major releases which coincided with major additions to the phpBB team including Bart can Bragt, known as BartVB, and Paul Owen, psoTFX.

    phpBB 2.0.x gained immense popularity among the web developer community, and was so successful that it didn't show its age despite being the latest major release for almost 6 years.

    Over this period, development on the next major release was continuing. For the first 3 years of development, it was expected that the next major release would be phpBB v2.2, but in January 2005 the Development Team announced this would not be the case. As the new release was a complete rewrite, backwards compatibility with phpBB 2.0.x was lost. By the standards of the Linux Kernal numbering system, this required the version number to change to 3.0.x, thus phpBB "Olympus" was born.

    Olympus had a lengthy beta and release candidate cycle, but this ensured the final release in December 2007 was of the highest quality.

    The next major release of phpBB, v3.2, will be codenamed Ascraeus, and will feature some very exciting changes, including the implementation of an events system, a revamp of the bbCode parser, AJAX functionality and the ability for non-permanent deleting of posts and topics. Support for PHP4 and MySQL 3.x / 4.0.x will be dropped.

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